Don’t make your visitor bounce on to other websites because of your high loading time.

In this Era of the fast-moving world, nobody likes to wait even for a second more. Most of the people don’t have enough patience to wait for a website to load they just hop on to another website. This makes you lose you potential client & business. So for improving your website loading speed, I will share with you 5 tips to reduce your loading time & increase your website speed.

1. Optimize Images

Images are a heavy stuff to load when your website is studded with high-quality images which are not optimized. It consumes bandwidth & reduces the loading speed of your website.

The only option to increase website speed is by optimizing the image this can be done by either reducing the image size before uploading the image or by compressing the image by many of the tools available online.


2. Remove the plugins you no longer use

Most of the newcomers load their WordPress websites with tons of plugins to improve their website performance or to load their website with extra features but what they don’t know is that plugins take most of the time to load the website.

So one trick to improve the website performance is to remove unnecessary plugins installed in your website.

3. Use Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network is a system of servers scattered across the globe. The benefit of using a content delivery network is that it will allow you to scatter your website across different servers along the globe, so when a user wishes to connect with your website he will load your website from the closest server present near to him. This will drastically reduce the website loading time and improve website performance.


4. Minify & combine files

Minifying is all about removing the unnecessary characters & white spaces from the code so as to reduce website loading time. Every unnecessary piece of code adds to website loading time so it is must to minify those to improve website performance.

A WordPress website can be minified by using  WP rocket or W3 Total Cache.


5. Check your Web hosting

You should also review what type of web hosting you are using for your website. A shared web hosting comes cheap but it shares resources like RAM & CPU with other websites hosted on the same network. A dedicated hosting is best suited if you want to improve your website loading speed.

So the above tips can be helpful to improve your website speed just analyze your website before & after applying the above tricks and check how well the above trick is working.


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