In the market, if you are not on the first page of Google search results then you are losing much of the traffic & consequently the business. Most of the users who search through Google seldom go beyond the first 5 results on search engines leave it for the second page. So in this era of high competition on the online market also it is very important that your webpage ranks on top of every result on search engines.

So I am providing you with 5 basic steps that will help you to rank your website on Google’s first page in the search results –

1. Know your Keyword-

Keywords can be described as the words people type in a search query in order to search something on search engines. Like for example if you are looking for Digital marketing agency in Delhi then you would type Digital Marketing Company in Delhi then it is the keyword. So with the type of service, you provide you have some defined Keywords on which you want to rank.

2. Create Good Quality Content – 

Create good quality content about the services you offer & include your focused keywords in that. Users always require a good quality content to read about your services and it also helps you to improve your rankings as well because web crawlers crawl your web pages on behalf of content. Support your content with your keywords.


3. Off- Page SEO – 

After providing a good quality content on your website it is very important that you support your content with good quality backlinks i. e. spread your content with different other websites where you can submit a link that will redirect users from that website to your website one such website is Quora.

4. Increase your website speed – 

Website having slow loading speeds rank lower in search results as the users just bounce off the page of it not loads in time which results in lower page rankings. There are various methods which you can use to improve your website speed you can also read my blog on same topic follow the link.


5. Using Paid Campaigns – 

All the methods described above are very much time consuming and it takes months to improve website ranking, but there is also some paid campaigns by Google & other search engines which shows your web page on top of the results instantly but it is a paid marketing campaigns it cost you some real money per click but it guarantees you first page result.

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